Tommy cannot remember a time when golf wasn't a big part of his life.  Being raised in a family where his grandfather, Jerry Barber, played on the PGA Tour, Tommy began fostering his skills and approach to golf at the very young age of 19 months. He now continues in the Barber family tradition of passing on their love and enthusiasm for the game of golf.

Tommy's passion is coaching!  His teaching practices are centered around personalizing each lesson around each individual clients'  strengths and areas needed for improvement, while always maintaining a positive and fun environment.

Tommy's teaching focuses on the individual mechanics of the client and their golf swing, while integrating new techniques to further challenge and inspire the individual.

Tommy has coached all skill levels and abilities. From children and weekend warriors looking to improve on their individual skills, to the competitive players looking for refinement to gain a competitive edge.

Tommy's combination of ability and professionalism are without comparison, always imparting integrity and focus in all aspects of his teaching. With the ultimate goal always being, without question, each individual client's 'Best Golf Experience.'

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